Steel Roof Bars for Volvo XC40 2017 Onwards With Solid Rails


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Technical Specifications

Material Steel
Maximum Load [kg] 75kg
Security Supplied with locks and keys
Fixing Method Attaches to integrated solid roof rails on this car
Dimensions (mm) L x H x W 1270 x 30 x 53


Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that every load you are carrying is safely secured to your vehicle. You must be aware of underground car parks and all overhead obstacles, roof bars, boxes and any associated loads add extra height to your vehicle. You must also be aware of cross winds and anything else that has the ability to affect the road handling of your vehicle. You have to be particularly aware of flexible loads such as surfboards, planks of wood etc, these must be properly tethered to the front and rear of your vehicle. Roofboxes must be loaded and used with due care.


Complete set of steel black roof bars, supplied with locks and keys, can be fitted in 10 minutes. These bars are the ultimate balance of functionality and price, you will not be disappointed. Please read the reviews from our customers below

More Details

Have you got factory fitted roof rails on your car? To get the most out of them you need these XT Steel Roof Bars.The brilliant thing with the XT Roof Bars they only take a matter of minutes to get them mounted to your car. The roof bars use a clamp style mounting system which grabs and locks onto the roof rails. Once they are positioned at the correct points on the vehicle they are tightened in place with the tools provided. They really are one of the easiest roof bars to fit among our range.


The XT bars themselves are made from steel and treated with a durable black plastic coating to protect them from scratching. They also have XT logo’d plastic end caps to finish them off nice and smart! The mounting points consist of a tough plastic casing which houses the high strength steel clamping feet as well as the locking system.This design helps keep the bars noise levels down as well as making them look stylish. To help protect your vehicle’s roof rails the contact points on the clamps have protective rubber pads.

- Easy assembly with no additional tools required. All instructions are included.
- Unique locking system on each mounting point. Spare keys included!
- Passed City Crash testing and reach ISO/PAS European safety standards.
- Maximum load of 75Kg’s (depending on your vehicle's max load)
- 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

Steel Roof  Bars for Volvo XC40 2017 Onwards With Solid Rails
Steel Roof  Bars for Volvo XC40 2017 Onwards With Solid Rails

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