Stayhold Combi Straps (Pair) 350mm x 38mm - Grey


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Stayhold Combi Straps (Pair) - 350mm x 38mm - Grey

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Stayhold Combi Straps are a larger version of the Quickstrap and have a million and one uses around the car, house and home. Designed for use with the Stayhold Shopping and Cargo organizers, Combi Straps fasten with with velcro and contain hook and loops which grips your cars fabric. Use them individually or together on your shopping holders or on their own to secure bottles, boxes, plants, bags and anything else you can think of, in your car, on a camping trip, or around the home.

Velcro hook tabs allow you to quickly stick the straps to your trunk or onto your Stayhold Cargo Organizer which will secure objects quickly.

SAFE & SECURE: Don't you hate that sound of loose items rolling around in the back of your car? Keeps bottles, sprays, tins and much more secure.


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