Peruzzo Arezzo 4 silver tow bar mounted bike rack (hang-on) - 4 bikes



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Technical Specifications

Type Towbar Mounted
Tow Bar Type Fits to Bolt-on (Flange Ball) and Swan Neck tow bars
Boot Access Tilt mechanism, giving boot access without off-loading the bikes
Storage Folds flat for easy storage, compact enough to be kept in the boot of the car
Fitting Just secure to the Tow Ball with the supplied spanner
Maximum Load 4 Bikes / 50kg
Security Strap for securing bikes included
Safety Frame holders keep the bikes firmly in place while protecting frames from scratches and marks
Fitment Towbar must reach out past the spare wheel
Additional Info Bike Frame Adapter needed to mount Female, BMX and Kids bikes
Mounting Type Towbar / Hitch Mount
Colour Grey
Material Steel


Please note that safety is of paramount importance when using bike racks, just like you would with your bike you must always check your equipment, make sure that everything is installed and tightened correctly. Your bike will be secure so long as the bike rack is used correctly. For rear mounted bike racks, although a bike rack can take a certain number of bikes, this does not always mean that you can load that amount of bikes, your car rear door has a weight limit and you must check this with your manufacturer handbook before loading the bikes. The bike rack also has a weight limit that must not be exceeded, remember you are responsible for the correct loading of your bike rack.


If you are looking to carry a few bikes and have a towbar already fitted then the Arezzo 4-Bicycle Tow Bar Mounted Bike Rack is what you need. A well built bicycle carrier capable of doing the job at hand at a low cost price!

More Details

Peruzzo Arezzo 4-Cycle Carrier Tow Bar Mounted Bike Rack

Manufactured from high strength tubular steel and finished in a high gloss grey. The carrier can hold up to a maximum of 4 bikes and a total weight of 50 kgs. The empty weight of the carrier is 19.6kgs. The bikes securely strap to the top arm of the frame. Wheels are strapped securely with the strap provided. Bikes can be easily lowered with the tilt mechanism which allows easy access to the boot of your vehicle.

Safety Notes:
The tilt mechanism should be a two person job, with one person taking the weight of the bikes, and the other operating the mechanism. There is a tilt stop, but care should still be taken that bikes are not damaged when the whole assembly reaches the ground.

The Peruzzo Arezzo carrier fits over the top of the tow ball, so it's not possible to tow and carry bikes at the same time.

If you wish to carry female or kids bike no cross bar, the Artificial CrossBar Adapter can be found can be found by clicking >>>HERE<<<
Peruzzo Arezzo 4 silver tow bar mounted bike rack (hang-on) - 4 bikes

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