Nordrive Alumia silver aluminium aero Roof Bars for Citroen C4 Spacetourer 2018 Onwards Without Roof Rails



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Technical Specifications

Material Aluminium
Security Supplied with locks and keys
Maximum Load [kg] 75kg
Dimensions (mm) L x H x W 1270 x 28 x 50
Approvals TUV and ISO tested
Colour Silver Aluminium
Additional Info Rubber profiles for sealing the lower tracks after the installation
Additional Info Anodized Aluminium alloy bar equipped with T-track slot
Additional Info T-track cover made of anti-slip EPDM rubber
Additional Info Lower tracks for the connection and the sliding of the feet
Note * For models without roof rails *

Bars Design

These beautful silver and aerodynamic bars combine beauty and functionality effortlessly. They also come with a T-Track system on the top of the bars, this allows you to attach most accessories available such as bike racks, roof boxes, surfboard carriers and anything else you can think of. When the T-Track is not in use you can cover this with a rubber insert, this prevents excess noise when travelling.


The mounting kits are designed specifically to fit your car and the foot packs exactly follow the contours of your roof, unlike a lot of roof bars that have much more generic fittings where one model of rack will fit a whole range of different cars and that gives you great confidence when you’re fitting the product. The design of these bars is really well thought out, they were clearly designed by group of people who actually use and understand what you need in a roof rack and again that becomes evident when you’re fitting them because despite there being quite a lot of separate components they all go together logically and easily. There are some really nice touches too, such as the measurement scale on the underside of the cross bars which helps you position the feet in exactly the right place. The special tightening tool that comes in the kit actually fits into the foot of the bars, and that’s where you store it, so you’re never searching around the house for the right size allen key again.

For Normal Roof Only

This car comes in 2 versions, one with rails the other one without rails, this set of bars is for the car without roof rails, see image on left for a example of a normal roof without rails


Unlike a lot of our competitors who either supply flimsy locks and keys or charge separately for locks and keys, our roof bars come with quality metal locks and keys included, this will help to prevent theft and give you extra peace of mind.


The bars come in kit form and you have to assemble them but don’t be put off, the instructions are detailed and well illustrated. We've test fitted lots of these kits to our own cars here at MicksGarage and most of them take just under half an hour to fit for the first time. Absolutely everything you need to fit the bars comes in the kit and you even get a tape measure to help with the installation!


Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that every load you are carrying is safely secured to your vehicle. You must be aware of underground car parks and all overhead obstacles, roof bars, boxes and any associated loads add extra height to your vehicle. You must also be aware of cross winds and anything else that has the ability to affect the road handling of your vehicle. You have to be particularly aware of flexible loads such as surfboards, planks of wood etc, these must be properly tethered to the front and rear of your vehicle. Roofboxes must be loaded and used with due care.


This premium set of aluminium roof bars are a great alternative to other premium brands on the market. They have the same great quality but at a fraction of the price. They come with intergrated locks and keys and are perfect for carrying any extra load. If you want a high quality product but at a reasonable price these are perfect for you

More Details

Roof Bars are essential when it comes to hauling any extra luggage around when your boot space is full or too small. These Nordrive Roof Bars are perfect for the job in hand so whether you’re doing a spring clean and getting rid of old junk or heading off on a family holiday in the car and need the extra space they are the perfect accessory for you.

The kit comes with everything you need to mount your roof bars. Fitting these bars could not be easier, the box also has full step by step fitting instructions.

Like everything Nordrive, these bars combine functionality and looks, easily achieving a great balance of both, Nordrive are synonomous in Europe for their high quality travel products.


- Anodised aluminium alloy bar equipped with a T-track slot
- Complete with locks and keys
- Under-bar with foot position measurements for a quick installation
- Lower tracks for the invisible connection to the feet
- Rubber profiles for sealing the lower tracks after installation
- T-track cover made of anti-slip EPDM rubber
Nordrive Alumia silver aluminium aero  Roof Bars for Citroen C4 Spacetourer 2018 Onwards Without Roof Rails
Nordrive Alumia silver aluminium aero  Roof Bars for Citroen C4 Spacetourer 2018 Onwards Without Roof Rails

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