G3 Infinity steel steel aero Roof Bars for Volvo 760 1981-199 With Solid Rails



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Technical Specifications

Length [mm] 770-1150
Material Steel
Maximum Load [kg] 75
Approvals TUV and ISO tested
Security Supplied with locks and keys
Fixing Method Attaches to integrated solid roof rails on this car
Dimensions (mm) L x H x W 770-1150 x 28 x 53 mm
Dimensions (mm) H x W 28 x 53 mm

Bars Design

Great value and great bars, thats what you get with these bars, they are sturdy, they come with locks and keys and are great for carrying anything for bike racks, roof boxes, christmas trees or anything else you can think of, fitting them is also childs play. You wont be disappointed. These bars are telescopic and they dont extend out past the roof rails on your vehicle, some people prefer this as it can make the car look a little sportier than bars that extend outside of the rail

Roof Type

This set of roofbars will fit this vehicle so long as the vehicle comes with solid roof rails, see the image to get an idea of what solid rails looks like, in some markets this car is sold without these rails and therefore a different set of roofbars is required. If you have these rails then this is the correct set of bars.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that every load you are carrying is safely secured to your vehicle. You must be aware of underground car parks and all overhead obstacles, roof bars, boxes and any associated loads add extra height to your vehicle. You must also be aware of cross winds and anything else that has the ability to affect the road handling of your vehicle. You have to be particularly aware of flexible loads such as surfboards, planks of wood etc, these must be properly tethered to the front and rear of your vehicle. Roofboxes must be loaded and used with due care.


G3 Infinity telescopic roof bars that, thanks to the sliding mechanism they are equipped with, allow for mounting on the roof by terminating "flush" with the roof rail - Excellent Value, Top Quality

More Details

The G3 Infinity roof bars are suitable to for carrying loads up to a max of 75kg and provide the best value for money on the market today. The Infinity roof bars are simple to install and come with detailed instructions to guide you through the fitting process. They look great once fitted to a car and when fitted securely, they do not produce wind noise, combine this with their reliability and great price, makes these roof bars the most popular roof bars sold across Ireland and the UK today.

These roof bars will fit all cars with solid roof rails and raised roof rails. Where this bar has been listed as suitable to fit against the vehicle you have selected, the length of the bar is fully adjustable to customize the fit to your car (adjustable between 77cm and 115cm). Locks are included for extra security, and the Infinity bars have been City Crash Tested and bear the TUV & ISO quality standards. Rod height is 28mm, providing a neat looking fit to the roof of your car. <

Why get roof bars?
Roof bars enable you to carry additional loads on your car, and when coupled with a roof box, you could double or more the amount of space available to use without compromising on safety.

Who uses roof bars?
Families going on holidays, Tradesmen, Fishermen, Campers, people who enjoy outdoor activities, or simply people who need to transport items home from Ikea!
G3 Infinity steel steel aero Roof Bars for Volvo 760 1981-199 With Solid Rails
G3 Infinity steel steel aero Roof Bars for Volvo 760 1981-199 With Solid Rails

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