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Technical Specifications

Material Aluminium
Maximum Load [kg] 50kg
Security Supplied with locks and keys
Approvals TUV and ISO tested
Dimensions (mm) L x H x W 1470 x 53 x 30

Bars Design

Quality pair of aluminium roof bars at a great price, these bars are ideal for carrying everything from roofboxes, bike racks, surfboards, christmas trees, ikea furniture or anything ese you can think of. You will not be caught short with a pair of these bars. They are a very good mix of functionality and price. The bars come in 2 components - the aluminium bars themselves and the foot pack for your car, however they are still very easy to assemble and install.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that every load you are carrying is safely secured to your vehicle. You must be aware of underground car parks and all overhead obstacles, roof bars, boxes and any associated loads add extra height to your vehicle. You must also be aware of cross winds and anything else that has the ability to affect the road handling of your vehicle. You have to be particularly aware of flexible loads such as surfboards, planks of wood etc, these must be properly tethered to the front and rear of your vehicle. Roofboxes must be loaded and used with due care.


Complete set of Aluminium roof bars, supplied with locks and keys, can be fitted in 20 mins. This roof rack is ideal for roofboxes, bike racks, surfboards or even that trip to Ikea.

More Details

General Info
Roof Bars are essential when it comes to hauling any extra luggage around when your boot space is full or too small. These G3 Pacific Exact-Fit Roof Bars are perfect for the job in hand which is why they have come to be one of our biggest sellers. Each kit is designed specifically for your vehicle and fitting is really simple. So whether you’re doing a spring clean and getting rid of old junk or heading off on a family holiday in the car and need the extra space these are the perfect accessory for you.

The kit comes with everything you need to mount your roof bars. The exact-fit kit, the bars themselves as well as the tools required to tighten everything up. No need to go to the shed for your tool box and especially not for the drill! Following the detailed step by step instructions it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to get them fitted for your first time. After that it’ll be much easier.

G3 technicians have worked hard at creating individual kits for each vehicle type. Unlike some universal roof bars these are designed exactly for your vehicle. They are designed to follow the contours of your roof and use the manufacturer's original mounting points. The bars themselves are a lightweight, high strength aluminium and are finished in an attractive satin silver. On the top of the bar there is removeable rubber strip which reveals the T-track system which allows you to mount any accessories such as roof boxes or bike rack carriers. The rubber strip also helps to reduce wind noise when the T-Track system isn’t being used. They also have G3 logo’d plastic end caps to finish them off nice and smart! The fitting kit is made from steel which has been treated with an anti-corrosive coating to protect them from harsh weather conditions and scratches. There are protective rubber feet that go under the mounting kit which protect your paint work from unwanted scratches and help stabilize any movement. The protective casing which surrounds the fixing point is made from durable plastic and has a built in lock to keep your bars safely locked to your vehicle and deter any thieving minds.

- Easy assembly with no additional tools required. All instructions are included.
- T-Track System for mounting accessories such as roof boxes, bike/surfboard carriers.
- Unique locking system on each mounting point. Spare keys included!
- Passed City Crash testing and reach ISO/PAS European safety standards.
- Maximum load of 50 Kgs (depending on your vehicle’s max load)
- 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

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